Why Stay at Henry's?

To quote Wikipedia: "Carfax is at the junction of St Aldate's (south), Cornmarket Street (north), Queen Street (west) and the High Street (east) in Oxford, England. It is considered to be the centre of the city." Henry's is about 3 minutes walk from Carfax, along the pedestrianised Cornmarket and then three-quarters of the way along St. Michaels's. So Henry's is slap bang in the centre of Oxford.

Need a taxi? You turn right out of Henry's, walk a few steps to the end of St. Michael's, walk a few more steps to the end of New Inn Hall Street, cross the road, and the taxi rank is in front of you.

Fancy a stroll amongst quiet trees past ducks and punts? Retrace your steps down Cornmarket, cross south, walk past the Town Hall to Christchurch Meadow, and wander down to the Thames. A twenty-minute stroll loops you along to the River Cherwell and back onto the High Street, where you can cross straight to the Botanic Gardens, have tea and scones in the café across the High, or return to Carfax past the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, and University Church.

Speaking of churches, do you want to worship? Turn left out of Henry's to the city church of St. Michael at the North Gate, with its Saxon tower; or turn right and the Wesley Mem, where Methodism was nurtured.

If you tend towards the sciences, there's a plaque in the High reading:

In a house on this site
between 1655 and 1668 lived
Here he discovered BOYLE’S LAW
and made experiments with an
AIR PUMP designed by his assistant
Inventor Scientist and Architect
who made a MICROSCOPE
and thereby first identified
And if you then walk north up Catte Street, you'll come very near to the house where lived Edmund Halley, who first calculated the orbit of the comet named after him. Next to it is the Bridge of Sighs, and down a little alleyway is the Turf, a pub dating back to 1381. In its garden stands one of the remaining sections of the city wall.

Should beer not be your thing, there are plenty of cafés scattered around. Open, of course, for breakfast as well as for tea. Henry's is central enough that you could eat at a different one every day you stay. And you could see a different sight every day you stay in our historic city. I have mentioned only a few.